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How to Fall Back In Love With Your Wedding

If you postponed your wedding it probs feels hard this time of year to get back into it. Our last post gave you some ideas on how to get the wheels moving a little slowly, so if you missed it then click back and check it out.

Photo by Emily Hall Photography

Today I want to talk about some ways you can fall back in love with your upcoming wedding. Let's face it, this situation is not only not ideal it's unlike anything you ever imagined. Maybe you already got married even and you are just planning your reception! Maybe you didn't even have to postpone and you were always in 2021, but are still speculating on what restrictions will look like when we get to your date. I'm here to tell you that wherever you are coming from, it's 100% valid.

It is perfectly ok to feel a little bit meh about just about everything right now and frankly if you don't and you're like killin' the game right now I am in awe of you. Some days just keeping the wheels on the train and feeding yourself is a major win.

SO! How to get drive this dang train out of this slump and fall back in love with the celebration we are planning about how we fell in love?! Here are a few quick ideas to sprinkle in your normal life to spark some joy in wedding planning again.

Photo By Sara Byrne

Have you chosen your first dance song? If you have, have you danced to it recently? My hubs and I dance to ours every year on on our anniversary and I gotta tell ya, it's an instant way to ground back together with your partner (or spouse) and just let everything else go. Have a glass of wine or 3 and pump up the song in the living room and give it a whirl.

Are you still loving your design direction?? Or have you seen some new stuff that you are gravitating toward while scrolling? This past year changed all of us, and may have changed the way you want your wedding to look! Now is the time to bring some fresh color or floral design into the mix. Not feeling like you want to change things? Rad! We got it right the first time. Scroll back through our inspo and boards and imagine finally being able to sit at that table with your faves.

I bet you haven't met up with the squad in a while, so how about a Zoom with your VIP's to talk about the big day and just get back into being pumped for each other. Theme it! Have the same cocktail, play the same music, get weird with your backgrounds, dress up. Let's celebrate being together the easiest way we know how.

Photo by Micah Fischer

Settled on your wines and cocktails? Grab some ingredients from the store and taste test! It can be super fun to try new things and dream about what you want to serve your guests. Highly recommend getting some samples from your dessert vendor too to go with this night!

Get creative y'all! We are in this for love and gosh darnit we are going to find the rose gold lining right now!

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