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Meet the crew of bomb Portland Wedding Planners that will turn your dreams into a day you will never forget. Each of these ladies come from varied backgrounds across the country, equipped with individual strengths

and a shared love of style and detail.

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Morgan Harris-Burman has been an event coordinator for more than seven years, getting her start in Albuquerque, NM. In 2010, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Musical Theater but fostered of a love of event planning since high school. After designing weddings for close friends back home, she began pursuing event coordination as a full-time career---thus the birth of MH Events! In 2013, she moved to Portland with her hubs and three dogs, opened the doors, and gathered the A-Team. In the last five years, her company has created more than 115 events around the country. To Morgan, weddings are the best way to bring together performance, love, styling, organization, and details---all of which are her favorite things!

Founder, Event Coordinator, Team Leader

Morgan Harris-Burman


Sara Price grew up dancing and always loved the performative aspects of life. In addition to her work with MH Events, she is a school counselor for kinder through fifth-grade students in Portland, Oregon. If you take Sara’s two loves, the beauty of design and the finesse of helping people, you get a passionate event coordinator. This will be her second year as a team leader with MH Events. One of her favorite aspects of planning is incorporating dream details--family relics or unique additions—into any event. She loves the flow of conducting a well-timed schedule but also enjoys going with the flow because, hey, life changes! She lives in Portland with her cat, Fox Mulder, and invites you to check out Matt and Justin’s wedding in the photo gallery if you would like to see her work!  

Event Coordinator, Team Leader

Sara Price


Amy Wolfe has been an event coordinator for six years. Though this will be her fourth with MH Events, she has worked in hotel event management since she moved to Portland. Amy studied Geography at the University of Oregon in Eugene but fostered a love of helping people realize their dreams. Part of what draws her to wedding events, in particular, is the joy that family and guests get to experience together. One of her favorite ports of event coordination is handling the last minute items. She enjoys giving her clients the assurance that no matter what happens, she has the details covered. 

Event Coordinator, Team Leader

Amy Wolfe

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Kelli Carlson recently graduated with a Bachelors as a double major in dance as well as architecture and design from Connecticut College. This will be her first season with MH Events as a team leader as well as the administrative arm of the company. Her duties span the gamut of her strengths and interests, marrying design and details with presentation and art. Kelli likes developing a detailed plan but loves being on her toes, should a client like a change. She moved to Portland with her girlfriend and her cat, Oliver, and can't wait to get moving with her new team at MH Events. 

Event Coordinator, Team Leader, Administrative Manager

Kelli Carlson

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