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“I had researched a lot of wedding planners before deciding on Morgan. As soon as I met her, she was so warm and understanding of our needs that I knew she was the best fit. She exceeded our expectations taking on all of the responsibility allowing us to just enjoy the last month before our big day and letting us relax. Her professionalism and immediate response time allowed me the freedom to know that everything was in good hands. She made the build up, rehearsal dinner and wedding day all go so smoothly that I would actually do it all over again just knowing she was involved! She was by far, the best part of our choices for the wedding and handled everything as if it were her own. She has since become someone I can say is a friend too since she made us feel like we were just as important as her own family or friends would be. I highly recommend her for all your event and wedding needs!”

~Imari M.



“Morgan was an outstanding wedding planner. I told her exactly what I needed – mostly advice leading up to the event and then for her to take the reins on the big day. She went above and beyond that request. We were constantly communicating on e-mail and she was always asking if there was anything else she could do. We met several times in person and I knew I could count on her if I needed a last minute opinion on even the smallest things. On the big day, Morgan was enthusiastic about taking over responsibility and running the show. She stuck around all day from about noon-10pm. She made sure my spouse and I always had what we needed and were where we needed to be. I was blown away that she even set up and broke down all the decorations herself. Morgan has a great confidence that put me at ease throughout the whole planning process. She stayed very positive and patient and always seemed to be in control. I couldn’t appreciate her services more. Although we technically could have coordinated the wedding without a planner, having Morgan in our corner made the day virtually stress free for us. She was an essential part of making the wedding the best day of our lives. Thank you, Morgan!!”

~Sarah W.


"Morgan was a dream to work with. I honestly cannot say enough about this wonderful woman. Weddings are a huge undertaking and then there is the day of that becomes an extra logistics challenge!! Even if you plan to keep things fairly simple you need a day of coordinator at the very least. Morgan will take your vision seriously, she will contribute and knock sense into you where needed. She will execute your day, charm your guests and calm your nerves. While I was sipping prosecco and having my makeup done, Morgan was bringing my vision to life at our destinations!! Matt and I both have nothing but wonderful memories from our wedding and I know Morgan was isolating is from things that just go wrong!! She is a doll, she is a dream. Her assistant Amy was perfect as well. Morgan customizes packages and takes the love of her work to the next level. She did such an amazing job Matt and I unanimously decided she was the most important vendor of our day. You will be lucky to get her for your big day!"

~Andi M.



“Morgan coordinated our wedding on June 28th at the Laurelhurst club. Working with her was incredible; she was very thorough with logistics which was much needed. My husband and I had a LARGE list of DIY decorations and even though some things weren’t exactly as we envisioned, everything looked amazing! She coordinated getting all of our decor to the venue and even picked up our cake.She went above and beyond while helping us plan, also. Morgan created a cohesive day of schedule for us and asked us all the right questions to make sure that everything was perfect. There are a lot of things that we didn’t think of that she brought to our attention.She was right on time the day of the wedding and only asked us questions as needed so that we could enjoy our day. Because of the confidence that she had instilled in us during our planning process, we were completely at ease that she would do a fantastic job, and she did. Even when it decided to dump rain before our ceremony, she promised she would do her best to get us outside for it. When I walked up the aisle, it was picture perfect, and outside!At the end, Morgan loaded up her truck with all of our decor, took it back to our house and unloaded everything. She made sure that we got a taxi to our hotel and that we did not assist in the cleanup.I won’t ever get married again, but I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a solid coordinator who will work her butt off for you! Thank you, Morgan!”

~Tiffany G.



“Morgan was wonderful to work with. She was our day of wedding planner and did a fabulous job! She was both friendly and professional and was on top of every last detail on the day. My husband and I were able to enjoy our special day because of Morgan. We highly recommend her for any event you’re planning!”

~Ashley S.


“Morgan was fantastic! My fiance and I had a few discussions about hiring a wedding coordinator. He was not convinced that it was worth the money. Let me tell you that it absolutely is (and as soon as we hired Morgan he agreed that it was the best decision we made!) Morgan was a life saver. She helped everything run perfectly on my wedding day. I did tons of DIY projects, and she executed my vision exactly how I wanted. When I walked into the venue on the wedding day I was thrilled, it looked EXACTLY how I wanted it to.


You have no idea how stressed out you will be the day before your wedding trying to wrap everything up. I had friends and family helping which was great, but having Morgan swoop in and take everything off of my hands was such a relief. She also did so many things to keep the day on task, many of them I’m sure I don’t even know about. For example, I just found out that she entertained my nephew during the ceremony to keep him quiet while we said our vows. This isn’t anything that you think of beforehand but made a big difference. I can’t say enough good things about Morgan. If you are on the fence about hiring her, DO IT! You will not regret it.”

~Meghan M.



“Morgan was amazing! We used her as a day of coordinator and not only was her rate super reasonable, but she went above and beyond the call of duty. She acted as a decorator, point person, sheep dog, and anything else we might need her to be. She was bossy without being rude to my guests, which kept things running smoothly when people needed to be ushered from something to the next. Then she cleaned up after us! I HIGHLY recommend using Morgan as an event coordinator.”

~Molly L.



"Morgan was a blessing during our wedding and throughout the planning process. My husband and I are not that great when it comes to looking ahead, we tend to just not plan things out very well. It was so relieving to have Morgan there, someone who notices different details and someone who will think and bring up questions that we hadn't considered.We hired Morgan as our day-of coordinator and the prices were extremely reasonable. She was there for us all day, making sure that we liked the way that everything looked exactly how we wanted it to and she made sure we were well taken care of. I absolutely cannot recommend Morgan enough- she is fabulous."

~Hikari K.



I hired Morgan about 4-6 weeks before my wedding, with very little "planned" by the time we first met. She brought a lot of organization, creativity, and easy, quick answers to things I would have otherwise wrestled with. Also she made magic happen with last minute requests - including a five piece marching band.

~Stacy F.


Morgan is a true gem. I don't know what we (I) would have done without her. She is committed to her work, supportive, loving, funny, joyful- basically just a ray of sunshine. If you want to work with someone who will make your experience memorable, stress free, and give you ideas for days- Morgan is your girl. My bridesmaids and I all agreed that Morgan is the kind of person we would want to recruit into our friend circle because she's just that amazing. Thank you so much for making our day as special as can be, Morgan.

~Korie C.

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