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Cake By The Ocean, Or City or Barn.

Photo by D.Selbak, Cake by Dream Cakes

It's my birthday next week!! Soooo let's talk DESSERT. There are lots of options and some amazing local vendors in the Portland and Oregon area to make sure your sweet option at your wedding is just the dang best thing ever. This post is dedicated to all things sweet and our fave Portland vendors to hook you up with!

Photo by Bryan Aulick, Cake by Dream Cakes

You've got some decisions to make. Are you a cake person? Some couples just really can't envision the day without a giant gorgeous wedding cake. And you know what? We are HERE for that! If you're looking for the absolute best wedding cake with super high quality ingredients and incredible creative talent, then Dream Cakes is really the best in the biz. Click for their website and get on the books with them quick!

Photo by Lindsay Blair, Bar by Hungry Hero

Are you more dessert bar people? More about the cookies, bars and brownies and less about the cake? I mean, yes! Sometimes the way to go is to get a small cutter cake to have that pic-worthy moment and then offer lots of little bites for guests! Hungry Hero and Lux Sucre are hands down our fave vendors for dessert bars and more! They also do gorge cakes so give them a look! Pro-Tip: consider providing some take away bags or boxes for people to take treats with them for the road!

Photo by Jessie Schultz Photography

DO YOU SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM? Salt and Straw and Ruby Jewel have delightful little carts that can bring a super cute vibe to your event. Fifty Licks has an awesome ice cream truck to check out too. We love this pic too much to not share, but Scoop is no longer in the Portland area, :( Def consider having boozy popsicles make an appearance at your event too. Our girl at Sloshy Pops will make sure your guests are eating delicious frozen treats with a buzz included.

Photo by Emily Vandehey, Donuts from Coco Donuts

Think outside of the box! Are you a donut person or a pie person? Blue Star Donuts and Coco Donuts are amazing and you can place bulk orders super easily, Pie Spot is also an awesome option for small pies that are just the cutest thing ever. Check back at our real wedding feature of Charles and Marre to peep their super cute mini pie display! Maybe you're a s'mores person and want to hit up 1927 S'mores for their super cute cart!

Photo by Stark Photography, Sundae from Churros Locos

Not into a display but still want dessert to be its own moment at your wedding? It can be super fun to bring in a truck for dessert. Churros Locos is an awesome addition to any event. I mean you guys, they have CHURRO SUNDAES. The Pip's Mobile truck for chai and donuts is always a good call too. A wicked Portland staple and no one is ever sad to see it pull up and open the door! Trucks/carts are a blast!

Processed sugar not your jam? Consider doing a cheese and fruit offering instead! Maybe a coffee cart is more where you want to be. Whatever your style is, whatever you like and feels the most like you is the right answer! Talk to your coordinator! We can help you come up with all kinds of fun ideas. :)

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