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Let's Talk About Dranks

Photo by D. Selbak

You guys, I am finally NO LONGER PREGNANT and liiiiiiving for the dreams of summer weddings with their signature cocktails.

Still undecided about how to work out your bar logistics in general? Check out next week's post on the various ways you can tackle the bar situation for your wedding! This post is dedicated to the signature cocktail and some fun ideas of what to serve and how to make it yours!

STOP!!! Before you go ANY further, make sure you talk to your catering team, coordinator or bar service when you are making these choices! This is just some food for thought and some fun things to try out in your search for the perf signature cocktail! You want to make sure your vendor team is on board and set up to do the best job for you that they can before you get your heart set on anything! Ok, end of PSA.

Photo by Benjamin Edwards

First of all, let's talk about what you like. Is there a cocktail that either of you order every single time you are out? Do you legit only drink only one thing? That's me, I'm talking about me. If that's the case start there! Maybe it's something as simple as a vodka soda (again, talking about me here) and that's totally ok! If people know you, they will know your drink and def expect to see it at your big day.

Maybe you don't have a drink, but your big day has a theme/vibe to it. Are we going tropical with floral? Maybe you want to go with a mojito! Are we in the mountains in the winter? Maybe we go with a hot toddy! Are we serving tacos? Give me a MARG! Sit down with your partner and chat about what might be fun to offer to your guests to complete the experience for them.

Don't get too creative. Craft cocktails are SUPER rad, and if you are serving them at your wedding that is amazing, but if you are just going the signature cocktail route, talk to your caterer about what they do best. You want to make sure it's something legible to guests, but still fun. Maybe they wouldn't try a sidecar every day, or would be a little nervous about ordering a Kentucky Mule, but if they read what's in it will feel more relaxed about giving it a whirl on your wedding day. In other words, don't go too far down the cocktail rabbit hole when you're picking a signature, keep it simple and delicious.

Another super cool idea that our couple Billy and Michelle (check out our feature of their big day on the blog from January!) is a short list of cocktails that they love to drink that gave guests ideas to choose from. So if you find yourself not willing to commit, maybe go this route.

Photo by D. Selbak

OR you could something so super cool like boozy popsicles and hire our faves Sloshy Pops! Check them out!!

Have a lot of non-drinkers coming to the big day? Maybe one of you is a non-drinker? Awesome! Work with your catering/coordination team on some mocktail ideas that could be ordered with or without alcohol. It's super fun to drink something other than water or a coke at a wedding celebration so giving guests an option to keep it alcohol free but still be fancy and on brand is a great way to go!

Now for some fun suggestions to browse through. Make a couple, order a couple and try them together! Incorporate them into your date nights as you make your decisions and have some dang fun with this choice! Click the name to a super basic recipe for each one and get creative!

Add Whiskey to this to make a Kentucky Mule

Lastly, come up with some super fun names for them and get some signage and you've done it!!

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