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Reimagining Your Celebration : Ceremony

Howdy friends!

This is the beginning of a 3 part series of how to reimagine your big day in 2021 after the struggle that was 2020. We are starting today with reimagining your ceremony, next week we will talk about what to do if you are thinking about bringing your guest count down to have a more intimate wedding than you had originally planned, and lastly we will chat about what to do with your vendors and existing contracts if life has taken a turn and you are wanting to celebrate something other than a wedding!

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2020 changed all of us. I write to you after a year of conversations I never expected to have, had no idea how to have and felt fully ill-equipped to take on. But here we are, love found a way and though that road has been a little windy, some truly beautiful moments have come from a whole lot of struggle, tears and just general bleh.

So! Your ceremony! What the heck does that even look like now? I'm here to tell you that there are officially no rules anymore. We are going to build you the day that YOU want, no one else. There is no right or wrong way, and the only thing that matters is what you and your partner want to do. Here are some ideas though of how to address some things that might have changed in the last year.

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What if you already eloped in 2020 and are just celebrating the party? Well first of all CONGRATULATIONS and good for you!! Welcome to the married life! It's pretty rad! That may make you feel a little bit different about the ceremony portion of your event though and that is totally understandable! If you didn't elope in 2020, ignore this and skip down to till you see HI HI HI!

First of all you can do the whole entire ceremony over again like nothing happened. Yes! You can! I promise there isn't a single person in the world who will be annoyed by that. They came to see you get married so if you want to hear the whole thing again and do a grand aisle walk, DO IT!

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If you're feeling you want a change the best ways to change up your ceremony are by adding readings, sharing personal vows or rewriting them if you already shared them in a previous ceremony. On the flip side, if are feeling like you don't want to share the entire ceremony with the guests coming to your reception it can be a really nice touch to only share vows and readings with them. It lets them in on a special moment that you can all share without you having to recreate the whole ceremony if you aren't feeling right about that.

Not wanting to have a ceremony at all but want to share something special with your guests? Consider putting your vows in toasts or bringing in some photos of your previous ceremony. We want to honor all of the pieces of your love and that definitely still includes this pandemic and how you weathered the storm together.

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Ok HI HI HI! To all of our couples that didn't elope and have just been waiting to do all of the things until the actual day. Congratu-dang-lations to you too. You made the choice that was right for you and were true to yourselves and that makes me just as happy as learning about all of the elopements in my life.

Let's revisit your ceremony and talk about what this year of waiting has meant to you. Did your taste in readings, vows, songs change? Were there any particularly challenging or amazing moments that we want to take a moment to appreciate and be thankful for. Let's celebrate who you both are now, not who we were before the struggle.

Photo by Benjamin Edwards

You are all so beautiful and perfect and we just want to see and hear you choose your person again, how you do that is completely up to you and should be imagined by and for you. We are here to support you the entire way! xoxoxoxo

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