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Reimagining Your Contracts

SO! Sometimes life changes and has other plans for us than we thought. Trust me, us wedding planners know that better than anyone. This post is about what to do with your existing contracts if your postponed wedding is going to look a little different than you thought.

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First of all, I DO NOT want to advocate for you not holding your wedding. I think celebrating your love with your nearest and dearest is one of the most important things you can do for your marriage. I mean, obvi I think that, I chose this as my profession and have found it to be my true passion! This post is for the folks that have encountered some new life things since postponement.

What if you are in the throes of family planning and maybe expecting a baby? What if financial difficulties have made the wedding you had once dreamed about feel a little out of reach? Is there a way to make sure the vendors you brought on your team still get to serve you?

The answer is YES! First thing to do is chat with your planner about this. We have tons of ideas on how we can make sure we take care of your new needs and take care of our vendors. It has been a tough ass year for everyone and we want to make sure we can help serve everyone in this process!

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Next thing, let's think about how we can celebrate in smaller, meaningful ways that may not be a wedding. Do we need some bomb baby shower catering? Do we want a family or anniversary photo session? There are a lot of great ways we can use your services in a smaller way without having to outright cancel.

The best thing you can do is be honest with us. We as vendors want to make sure you are feeling supported and we want to be excited for you in your new life endeavors! We love you! But I'm going to be real about cancellations.

Cancellations are really tough on us. We do celebrations for a living and obviously they have taken a super huge hit through this pandemic. They were the first to go and will be the last to come back online in their full capacity. When we postponed, that let most of us ensure we will have work in 2021. It also gave us the ability to not have to come up with refund money that we just didn't have. In the winter months, we are living off of deposits for the following year and the remainder of balances from the summer, and this year the summer never came.

If you cancel, that means we have held dates and budgeted as if we have that work, and won't be able to make that up in the New Year. So I am here to tell you, that we want to help you and survive at the same time.

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We can work together to repurpose, resize and reimagine anything that we need to! We love you and we know you love us too. So, if this post is speaking to you and you are feeling the need to wrap your brain around a new type of celebration, let us know.

We can fix anything together. XOXO

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