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So You Postponed, Now What?

Well, we did it. Time inevitably passed and we have awakened to a new year. First of all, congratulations! Second of all, NO ONE say this will be our year! Don't do it! We don't need that energy put on us haha!

This post is all about what to start thinking of now that we are in the year of your wedding....again.

Photo by D. Selbak Photography

If you have been living in a time warp and haven't had much time or brain/soul space to dedicate to your wedding well then you are not alone. But let's get excited about it again! Things are still so uncertain and we aren't sure what protocol we will be adhering to, but let's worry about that as we get closer to your actual date and focus on the fun stuff right now. Even just for like 5 mins.

First of all, let everyone know about the new date. Have you sent out new Save the Dates? Side note here, I have seen so many different publications refer to these as "STDs" and I just CANNOT abide that. That means something else and sorry Save the Dates, but as my bestie says, you're too late to change the meaning of that abbreviation. So....just don't. Spell that whoooole thing out pleaaaaase. Haha! ANYWAY.

Check out Minted and use our code to get some new cutie ones printed to let people know what's up. Need our code? Text, DM, email me and I will send it your way.

Not in to more paper? No prob. I am a big fan of the digital card to share the new date! Remember, all you need is the city, date and your website URL on there. Oh, and I guess your names so people know who the heck is sending them this notice. Don't feel pressured to know a ton right now. The fact of the matter is we don't and people will totes get that! Also make sure that date is reflected on all of your wedding things like your website, countdowns on your phone, etc. That way we can look forward to something positive!

It's also a great time to get back in touch with all of your vendors, or have your coordinator do that for you! We are all human and last year was an insane doozy in a myriad of ways for literally everyone so getting some new connection time is good for the soul. They will also know more about how they are feeling personally about events, their services, pricing changes, etc. and those are things that are great to reset about even if they change again.

Get some dates on the calendar to catering tastings, site visits, hair and makeup trials and rental showroom tours. Give yourself about an 6-8 week buffer for them, but it is way easier to reschedule them than it is to try and track when the best time to do them is. Also call me before you do these and I can give you the best ideas of when places may be open. This just feels good and like progress so let's take it as a win right now.

Something NOT to do. If we are more than 3 months out from your day don't apply the current Covid restrictions to your event. This applies going both ways. Things could look super rough and then as we get closer to the summer, they may be in a better place and you may have made some rash decisions that you didn't have to. Likewise you could keep things on track and we could be having another conversation as we get closer.

I know it is so hard to live in this limbo, but this is what your coordination team is for and unfortunately we have become suuuuuper good at recognizing trends in restrictions and watching mid-day press conferences.

Photo by Jason Quigley Photography.

Lastly, I know things are still scary and even though we wanted it to be, New Year's Day isn't going to be a complete reset on this literal hell we have been living in. BUT we are here for you, I am here for you. You are worthy, you are important and we see the work you are doing to keep things together. We have your back so let's go smash this year, that def is not our year...or maybe????? We WILL share something beautiful again.


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