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Food Truck Crash Course

FOOD TRUCKS! Is there anything more Portland and more fun than a super cute little food truck at your wedding? Nope and we love it just as much and the next taco fanatic!

It also can be a complete nightmare if you don't know what all I am about to share with you. So buckle up buttercup, while I take you through the Do's and Don'ts of food truck service! Oh and by the way, there is a ton more to unpack here so pleaaaaaaase ask your coordination team for help before booking!

Photo by D. Selbak Photography


Make sure you are familiar with the vendor's contract. Do they provide disposables for folks to eat o

n? Do they also bus and clean up? Do they need power and water or is the truck self-sufficient?

Make sure you know cooking times. If each menu item takes a few mins to cook, people could be

waiting for a looooong time for their food which is frustrating for both the vendor and the guests.

Ask if you can limit the menu to only offer one or two items to keep it simple when folks are


Make sure you have worked out what their minimum is and how to pay if folks go over that

minimum so you are not dealing with that in real time.


Assume anything. A lot of food trucks provide full service and a lot of them don't so make sure you

know exactly what is being provided to you.

Ask a truck to customize a menu for you. You will need to go off of what they provide to you as the

type of food they make! If you need a GF or veg item that's different, but don't completely overhaul.

Expect a food truck to operate on a normal timeline. Give dinner a little more breathing room and

don't have only one truck for more than about 50 people unless they are making larger items and

placing them out for self-service.

Argue about pricing! DON'T ARGUE about minimum pricing with your food truck vendors. It is a

ton of work to provide that service and they are usually significantly less than a full service caterer

(mostly because their food tends to be more casual and they do not include the same level of service)

so be nice and take care of them.

There are so many super fun food trucks around to bring in to your event and here are a few of our faves!

Also don't forget that you can go the full service catering route for dinner and bring in a truck for some fun late night snack or for dessert!

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