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Treat Yourself! Self Care During Wedding Planning

Photo by Kali Gradberg

So we have been talking a lot of shop around here and I think it's time for a break. Wedding planning can be super stressful. Even if you have everything figured out, aren't stressed about a creeping budget and have no family drama there are still a ton of things going on all at once and I am here to remind you that taking breaks are V IMPORTANT! This post is all about self care and some quick and easy ways to take a break from the planning process and give you, your relationship and your life a break from planning!

Photo by Lindsay CKW Photography

Go on a date or make dinner with your person and talk about all the other awesome things in you life besides this wedding! Remember your person? They're super important and you have probably been in the planning trenches with each other lately. Take a break, have a drink and talk about the things you haven't been talking about! What's new with work, that Netflix series you love and your day to day? How are you hanging in with this rainy weather? Your wedding is important but it shouldn't take over your life and def shouldn't overshadow your love for your person. So kick back this week and do something fun just the two of you if you can!


Put your dang phone down! Take a break from scrolling Pinterest and Insta for design ideas. Digital and sensory overload is a real thing and it is the quickest way to totally confuse your vision for your wedding day and totally exhaust you. Remember that your guests don't know what we could have done to design your day, they only know what we did! The only thing they are expecting to see and feel is why this event matters to you. So show them why and how it does! If you love it and feel inspired then it is the right answer! There are no wrong answers as long as it speaks to you so if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, step back and stop the scroll.


Designate planning days. Trying to plan your whole wedding in a day is just simply not possible. Equally impossible is to talk about it every single day until you want to run away to Finland and live in a snowy cabin for the rest of your life. Sit down with your person, coordinator, pals, fam and compare schedules. Pick a few days over the next month that you are going to have a little meet up and tackle a few things. Weddings weren't built in day so take it slow. You will get there!


Take a private jet to London for a quick getaway. Wait, this isn't your life? Cool it's not mine either, so instead of this how about a pedicure, or lunch with your friends or some fancy take out on the couch. Give yourself a treat day and just take care of your whole self.

Photo by Kayla Esparza Photography

Reach out and get help! If you are feeling you are lost in the process or that you are unable to complete things, look into a planner, reach out to your current planner and tell them what's up and talk to your partner. We can all share the load and get us back on track to having fun! This whole post is just to serve to remind you that wedding planning is supposed to be fun. I mean, you are choosing the things that make up the day that you officially start the next chapter of life with your love! Planning is also a lot and can get overwhelming really quickly. Never feel guilty about taking a break, always ask for help and know that whatever happens the day will be perfect because you are perfect!

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