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Weddings are Beginnings, Not Ends

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Time to get reaaaaaaaal. Today I want to remind everyone that the people in your life and your relationships are more important than your wedding plans. I know it feels crazy to think that, right? Your wedding is all encompassing and putting it all together can feel like a full time job. Trust me, it IS my full time job and it can be A LOT! But often we get so swept up in the stress and getting everything right that our relationships can suffer.


Your wedding day is the first day not the last. It so often feels like we are building up to this major moment that we forget that life goes on after it. So maybe we get into fights with our friends, our partners or our new in-laws over something that at the time feels so big, and forget that we are going to spend the rest of our lives sharing Holidays with them and committing to them!

Friendships can fall apart during wedding planning, moments of tension can hang in the air and not be addressed, and I am here to tell you it's not worth it. Some food for thought on how to avoid getting to this icky place!


Ask for help! Feeling stressed? Feeling like you are unable to communicate what you need to feel better about a situation? Call your coordinator! Talk to someone not directly planning your event and strategize how you can take some of the stress and tasks off of your plate. Stress can govern so much of the planning process and is the quickest way to lead to some icky feelings.

Talk to your supportive crew about what they are feeling too. Weddings bring up a lot of complicated feelings for everyone and it never hurts to try and hear the people you love out. Advocate for your needs while acknowledging the feelings of other when you can and you will basically be the most awesome person ever.

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Whenever you can, try to diffuse the conflict before it erupts into a fight. Tensions are real and stress is a beast. It can be really easy for things to get out of control and sometimes things are said that can't be taken back. Take care of your relationships and yourself as much as you can when you're planning.

This is not to say that you should not stand up for and protect yourself. Sometimes big events can bring out really unexpected things in folks and you have to advocate for yourself. Sometimes conflict can't be avoided and needs to be addressed. Everyone's situation is different and this post just serves as a reminder that, while a wedding is important, it wouldn't mean nearly as much without those we choose to share it with.

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