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To Bach Or Not To Bach. Is that a question?

Photo by Bryan Rupp Photography

You have arrived at the moment where you and your partner get to decide (if budget allows) how you will be celebrating the whole year of your wedding. A lot of folks opt to spend money on other things entirely, some decide to throw an engagement party, showers and brunches instead and some opt to celebrate the Bach together, others take two epic trips with their squads and not their partners.


First things first, talk about it! What fits with your identity as a couple the most. This is a big conversation. Don't start off your wedding planning and married story without agreeing here. Hear each other out! You might want different things and, after all this whole love thing is about compromise. So choose if, how and when you want to plan the Bach! You can opt to be gone together on the same weekend, but on different trips, you can all go together or not at all! Lots of options here.


After the partner talk, then comes the squad talk. What does the crew feel like? Think of who is invited and what the vibe of the party is! Are you people who end up in an outrageous pool party in LA and getting tattoos on Hollywood Blvd after eating In-N-Out? DEF not speaking from experience there.....OR! Are you wood cabin with hiking and hot tubs people? It's important for you to make the call as the person getting married. If you have people in the wedding party who are helping/planning this for you that's awesome, but help them out! Make sure they know what vibe you're feeling before you set them loose. Worst thing ever is having someone work to plan a party and it's not your jam. Help them help youuuu.

Then think budget! Is everyone pitching exactly their share? Are you or someone else taking care of one of the pieces like lodging/food/event tickets? Figure that piece out and then designate someone as the calculator. It's always good to have one Venmo that everything goes to. Hopefully you have a friend who is good at math. It's not me. I am not that friend.


Then talk dates! This part is super hard. Everyone is busy! So! Either set a weekend that works for a few of you and whoever can make it can make it, or start the long convo about what dates and months work for everyone. You will get there I promise haha!

You've done it! You have settled on all the icky stuff first and now get to pick the place! If you're traveling to a destination you probably already know where you want to go. But if you're staying here, here are a few ideas to keep it local and also keep it amazing.

First thing's first.

If you're looking for an amazing team of ladies to build a custom itinerary for your Bach, look no further than Bash! We love these gals and sometimes it is so nice to have someone else take the reigns and curate an experience for you and your squad. You spend so much time creating your wedding for your special people to enjoy, this is a great way to pamper yourself and arrive to your own party. :)

Photo by Maura Jane Photography

Wine Tasting and staying at the Atticus in McMinnville

Oregon wine country has SO much to offer! Take a gander at some of the wineries out there, book a car service like Pacific Town Car, and one of these adorable rooms at The Atticus and hit it! You're close enough for everyone to drive and maybe only come to parts of the event but still get to feel like fancy brunching people with hats on in the sun. Maybe up the ante and get pampered at The Allison!

Cabin in Bend

Rent a bomb cabin in Bend no matter the time of year and hole up with your besties. Get a hot tub and chill out! Winter people? Get on the mountain and ski

Bachelor or snow shoe any of the hiking paths. Summer people? Their waterpark is a blast and there is more hiking than anyone can do. Bachelor has awesome summer activities too. Bend has an awesome brewery/distillery scene and plenty of dives to belly up to. It's a blast to get a few hours out of the city but keep your tourism $$ in our rad state.

Photo by Sara Byrne Photography

PDX Staycation????

Maybe you're just getting one night and you want to hit PDX! Get an awesome suite downtown for one night! Sentinel is our FAVE! Or maybe find a super cool AirBnB off Alberta and have a little staycation. Start the weekend off with a visit to Dig A Pony on Friday night. It's one of our team's fave places with some great vibes on Fridays. Then head up the street and see what show you can get into at Holocene and dance your face off. Then get the heck up and head to Portland Drag Queen Brunch because it is the single best thing you will ever do with a weekend morning. Get your tix super early though because they sell out super quick. Then, after you're good and mimosa liquored up hit a brewery tour! Self guided or on a Brew Cycle Tour! Watch the sunset in the piano bar at Portland City Grill and take advantage of their awesome happy hour menu for a snack. Then take advantage of one of Portland's incredible restaurants for dinner! Andina, Toro Bravo, Ox, Lardo (def not a super nice joint but my fave haha), you choose your adventure and you won't be sad. Cap the night off with a private karaoke room at Voicebox and sing your best love ballads to each other. Need transportation for all of this? Definitely check out Shanghai Party Bus. Their buses are so much fun you don't even need to get off haha!

Whatever you choose, you're going to have the best day ever! Go celebrate yourself!!!


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