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Wedding Party, but make it Fashionnnn.

Photo by Emily Vandehey

So here you are, looking at a million different dresses, pant suits, tuxes that cost a million dollars wondering just how to pick something for your wedding party to wear, Do they wear the same color? Do you choose a color palette? Suits? Jackets? AH!

It's a lot! It's a big choice! Here are some pointers to make it a little easier.

Photo by Lindsay King Photography

If you find yourself gravitating toward one color consider letting your team choose different styles of garments in that exact color to fit their personal style and body type the best. If you choose the exact cut and color of their garment you run the risk of choosing something that not everyone likes or feels comfortable in. I know, I know, it's your wedding, you should

choose what you want. This is one area where a little compromise can really go a long way. Ask yourself if you like this color/cut because it would look really good on you, or if it would look good on the masses. Sometimes we love colors that we would slay in, but our blonde bridal party might look a little washed out in. Or maybe we love our shoulders and neckline being exposed but some of our choice people feel better with a little more support and coverage in that area. Reach out to your people! Start the conversation and just see what everyone thinks about your fave ideas. There are a few sites that our team loves for dresses and shades. Check out Azazie and the new gal in town Birdy Grey to peruse a zillion different styles of dresses in any one particular color you can dream of. This may be the perfect answer to your woes!

When we look at things on interwebs they look a lot different on an actual body, which we all have experience with from that one time we bought something for $4 off instagram that looks like an Oscar-worthy gown and ends up being a burlap sack. Take your time! Read reviews of garments and companies, consider ordering swatches before fully committing and asking your pals to purchase.

Choosing a color like slate gray, navy blue or black is a super safe bet for making everyone look amaze, but that might not be your jam! If you are dying to have everyone in a variety of colors then think of choosing a palette and letting your team choose from it. Keep in mind that if they are shopping in multiple places for their outfits shades may vary so that is something you will have to trust them to judge.

Photo by Aminda Villa Photograhy and from WeddingShoppe,Inc.

Photo by Bryan Aulick Photograhy

Suits/Tuxes have pretty much the same options/problems except there are way more rental options. Start by looking at lots of things online and seeing if anything speaks to you and is within the realm of financial possibility for your besties. Push the limits! Does everyone seem in to purchase a new super gorgeous suit? YAS! Check out Indochino to start that process. Are you wanting to rent but still have a luxe experience that's super convenient and modern? The Black Tux is hands down the way to go. Looking for something a little simpler? Maybe your crew has the pants and shoes but needs shirts and vests? Check out Perry Ellis for some wicked suit separates. They have great sales too so this can be a really great budget conscious option.

Going for pant-suits, jumpsuits or something totally cool that I've never seen before? That's amazing! The best advice I can give you there is to let your pals choose their own things and send them to you for a look before they purchase.

Last thing! Don't feel like these choices have to perfectly match a color in your wedding design palette. In fact, DO NOT try to match that exact shade of cabernet or sage green to your linens/floral arrangements. You will drive yourself bonkers! Stick with things that go well together and keep your sanity, and most of all trust your people! Trust your people to choose what looks best on their bodies! Cuz if your wedding party feels like Lizzo then they will channel Lizzo and isn't that the best possible scenario that could ever exist?

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