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Wedding Day Packing List

Photo by Steele Photography

Ok team, time to talk about everything you have to remember to bring with you on the big day! When you are getting prepped for the day it can feel like there is so much that you will need to remember so we totally suggest starting to gather your thoughts and stuff together early. Start a pile in your house!

Firstly, pack for each event separately. If you need stuff for your rehearsal and dinner before the wedding or honeymoon keep them in their own separate piles so you can track what all is in each stack. This list is just an idea of what to remember for the big day itself!

  1. Wedding Attire- DUH but this means all of it. Undergarments, shoes, accessories etc.

  2. Getting Ready wear! What are you wearing before you get fancy!

  3. Change of shoes to get comfy!

  4. MARRAIGE LICENSE!!! People forget this all the time haha but it's basically the most v. imp thing.

  5. Rings- also V IMP haha!

  6. Baggie with your invite, Save The Date and any other small details you want the photographer to have to work with.

  7. What are you wearing on the way home? Is it your dress/suit? Bring comfies if you want to change.

  8. What will you need at your hotel room for the morning after and that night?

  9. Water bottle! So easy to remember champs but way less easy to remember to drink some dang water on your day!

  10. Phone with your bustle video on it if you are wearing a dress! We talk about this in the post from last week so check it out!

  11. Any decor items that are coming with you on the day! Check and double check here!

  12. Presents for your crew/family that you plan to give!

  13. Ceremony script/vow notebooks!

  14. Checkbook/Cash Gratuity for vendors who still need to paid. Need Ideas on who to give gratuity to? Check back for a post on that soon!

  15. Snacks on snacks on snacks!!

  16. Jacket to keep ya warm and warm socks! It can get chilly in those getting ready rooms!

  17. Something to celebrate with! CHAMPS, CANDY, ANYTHING!

  18. Bluetooth Speaker to listen to jams while you get ready!

  19. Phone charger! You and everyone else will def need this!

  20. Mints/Gum and Tissues!

  21. Thank You Notes and a pen- If you are giving gifts sometimes you are struck by the need to include a note. Maybe you have done this before the day, but it's always good to have an extra one or 2 on hand to make sure you can make a last minute one if you forgot someone.

  22. Ask us about our wedding emergency kit so you know what our team has with them on the day! We bring everything from scissors, to zip ties to safety pins and bobby pins. :)

Also remember that there are stores and people can go get you things so don't go bonkers trying to foresee everything you might need. Focus on the irreplaceable stuff and let your team handle the rest!

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